Photo: Countercomposition VI, 2014

Bulletin 3 – 2017
12 December

Dear Readers,

In our last bulletin we announced our plan to release an interview with Dr Martin Mäntele, Director of the HfG-Archiv in Ulm, on graphic design and society. While trying to follow the list of questions we had sketched out, the conversation took a different path and ended up being more connected to education in design, project culture, and the ways people and society approach the objects and concepts of design. The interview addresses the legacy of the HfG Ulm that, following its creation in the shadow of the Second World War, set out to create independent-minded individuals, along with establishing new design methods that are still applied today – the Ulm Model.

You can find the interview, “Conversation with Dr Martin Mäntele, Director of the HfG-Archiv Ulm”, in the new Releases section of the Unterweiss website, free of charge.

Since our project not only involves content but also ways of reading it, we are actively exploring different platforms for its delivery. The current interview can be read in your browser, is optimised for printing on this platform, and can also be download as a specially-formatted pdf. We are also investigating options for ebook readers and, further down the track, delivery of printed booklets and books.

As mentioned in our last bulletin, we have now migrated our email delivery system to Mailchimp. We decided to use this service in order to better manage how we communicate with you. However, if you do not wish to be included in our mailing list, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of any email message you receive from us.

Bulletin 1 – 2018 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday 30 January. At the same time we will release either an essay or another interview, the details of which are still being finalised.


Stephen Palmer and Valentina Rossini