Photo: Countercomposition IV, 2014

Bulletin 1 – 2018
30 January

Dear Readers,

Our last bulletin came with no information regarding our next release. Now we can proudly announce an interview with Astrid Vorstermans, Director of Valiz Publishers, an independent publishing house based in Amsterdam. With her we discussed the publishing industry, the difficulties present in periods of crisis and in connection with politics, and the challenges it faces engaging with a different audience and keeping up with social trends; all from the perspective of the perennial division between giants and small, independent publishers.

You can find the interview, “Conversation with Astrid Vorstermans, Director of Valiz Publishers”, in the Releases section of the Unterweiss website, free of charge.

Since the last bulletin we have also been working on the ability to deliver our content in the EPUB digital book format. We can now announce that both the interview with Astrid Vorstermans and the previous one with Dr Martin Mäntele are now available for download in this format. Please note that currently our EPUB delivery system is still in its beta development stage, and we welcome any feedback which could help us improve the reading experience.

Bulletin 2 - 2018 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday 20 March. With that, we aim to publish the first of a small series of essays that delve into the core questions our manifesto addresses. In this instance we will look at the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and his concept of “anti-object”, and consider what has been the cost of the “disease of objectification”.


Stephen Palmer and Valentina Rossini