Photo: Composition XI, 2015

Photo: Composition XI, 2015

Industrial Design. Furniture. Northern Italy

A round-table symposium moderated by Valentina Rossini, with the designers Francesca Di Gennaro, Massimo Duroni, Giorgio Gatti, Fillipo Mambretti and Marco Napoli participating.

The symposium grew out of a project commissioned by Unterweiss that explored the role of the industrial designer through the eyes of four young professionals in the Italian furniture sector, who well know Milan and Brianza, and who obtained their masters at the Politecnico di Milano. Four different stories united in their disenchantment of the logic of the contemporary market, and in identifying appearance, facile relationships and mediocrity as currently more important than knowledge and content.

(The results of the original project will be released by Unterweiss for publication at a later date.)

Wednesday 13 April 2016 – 18:30

Libreria Les Mots
via Carmagnola ang. via Pepe 14
Zona Isola
20159 Milano